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    * Treatment Plants Drinking Water
    * Protect the Environment We preserve life
    * Complete Solutions and Engineering and Water Treatment Processes


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    We are a Colombian company with a task force of more than 10 years of Experienciaen Field Water treatment.


    * Water Treatment Plant Poatable
    * Wastewater Treatment Plant
    * Storage Tanks
    * Modules Sedimientación
    * Fill Biological, Slotted Nozzles, Pall Ring
    * Tower Aeration.



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  • Sodico S.A.S.

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    Colombiana Engineering Consulting Company founded in 2007, dedicated to the development of engineering and infrastructure projects in the areas of Research, Design, Comptroller.

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    Fotos ,servicios Sodico sas


                    FIELD SERVICE 

    Special Surveys 

    • Stake 

    • Quality control


    Structural design of flexible and rigid pavements industrial floors 

    • Studies and pavement rehabilitation designs 

    • Study Material Sources 

    • Studies of stability and stabilization of slopes 

    • Design of excavation and filling 

    • Design of surplus disposal areas 

    • Design of environmental protection works 


    Hydrology Studies 

    • Drainage Roads (Bridges and Artworks) 

    • Water and Sewerage Systems 

    • Industrial Plants 

    • Storage and Pumping Systems 



     Design of concrete structures and / or steel 

    • Structural designs of road projects and / or Industrial 

    • Structural Design of Buildings and Structures Special


     Geometric design of roads and airports 

    • Transit Studies


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