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    bolsas y cintas de seguridad, empaques flexibles especiales

    We are special converters flexible packaging bags with adhesive (full face) (we stick to any surface) List Paking Bags, Bags Safety transport securities to sterilize medical grade bags, printed plastic streamers.

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              Bogotá  D.C. Colombia

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    Bolsas para documentos, con adhesivo, bolsa canguro, bolsa para mensajeria,

       Services or Products:

    *Our bags with adhesive, manufactured by our company with German technology for over 10 years, serving the Latin American market offering quality and compliance.

    *Generation has adhesive on the entire surface (full face) that guarantees their work in a wide temperature range without des formed (-20 C to +70 C).

    *The selles are very strong to withstand handling without breaking.

    *With our bags the courier companies can no guide NO shipments, which means 0% of claims, 100% customer satisfaction and lower insurance premiums for low claim the loyalty customers and ensuring sustainable growth.


    * Paper bag.                                                             * Holder bag guide. 

    * Envelope adhesive paper holder.                          * Envelopes courier. 

    * Secure Bags.                                                         * About porta import declaration. 

    * Bag with adhesive.                                                * Packing List Bag. 

    * Bag, or kangaroo.                                                  * Bag precut.

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